Unless otherwise noted; all this stuff was modeled & rendered in LightWave 7.5c

Cylon Raider. This raider is based on designs from the original Battlestar Galactica series. I am ashamed to say that I was unable to see SciFi Channel's reinterpretation of the series. This model was based, solely, on images culled from the web.

Colonial Viper. Modeled from a Monogram kit. Flies great in the vacuum of space but, much like a bumble bee, shouldn't be able to fly in an atmosphere (Watch Galactica 1980 for a second opinion, though). Many thanks to J. Dykstra for inspiration on the previous models.

The Jedi Council Chamber. This was used as a background plate for a compositing exercise. The floor texture was painstakingly created in Illustrator from the few crowded, high bloom stills found in various Star Wars photo books.

Hey, hotlinkers: I appreciate all you folks who are hotlinking this image to your various forums and things. Its very flattering. However, I can't afford to be an image host for you. If you like the image, go ahead and download it from this page and host it yourself (it would be great if you gave me credit for the image as well). Otherwise, you're going to get an anti-hotlink image. It's nothing personal; there's just more of you than I have bandwidth to spare. Thanks.

Road Runner Blues. This is an example of cel shading in LightWave. I used the "Unreal" shader for this still. I've always wondered if Wyle E. ever came to terms with the fact that he could never, ever catch the Roadrunner. I assume, as this image suggests, that he drowned his sorrows in shots of Root Beer.


Monsters, Inc. inspired images.

This image was intended for a "roll-down" banner in an animation where Randal is fantasizing about how great he is. Randal model and textures by Matt Foley.

This image was meant for the back cover of a magazine that Randal picks up. The magazine in question was supposed to cause Randal's above mentioned delusions of grandeur.

This is the cover of the previously mentioned magazine. While nothing about this image was rendered in LightWave, it was heavily Photoshopped and rounds out the Monsters, Inc. theme.

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