I fully intend to have a comprehensive link list here someday. Chances are, however, that you have already bookmarked the links I was gonna throw out here anyway. Especially if you use LightWave.

However, I do want to link to the DAVE school for several reasons. The primary reason is that it is a kick-ass school with kick-ass instructors. If you've stumbled in here via a Google search and are looking for a way to learn, hone and perfect your skills, the DAVE school is the place to go. I've already graduated and these are unsolicited comments, by the way.

Take a look at the

And I'm a certified Maya 6 user! Proof of certification available upon request.

And as seen on CGFocus and in HDRI 3D.

Now, if you've come this far, you might as well read my mercifully short background and download my resume/CV.

Who am I and why am I doing this? As you have probably gathered, my name is David Parsons and I am a 3D animator, modeler and visual effects artist. I used to be a software engineer that dabbled in computer graphics. Now I am a computer graphician that dabbles in software engineering. I "blame" it all on TRON. Yes, Star Wars is one of my favorite franchises; however, I was a little too young to truly appreciate the extent of the special effects from a technical standpoint until Jedi, and by that time TRON had been released. Furthermore, I want to animate. I want to make cartoons. Not the out-sourced to Korea, politically correct Xeroxtoons. I want a golden age revival, dammit.

Ok, so why am I here from a philosophical standpoint? I'm chasing my dream (and see the last sentence above).

What are my weapons of choice? In no particular order... LightWave, XSI, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Corel Painter, Particle Illusion, Premier, Final Cut Pro, Encore, Audition, Boujou, MatchMover, Retimer, Maya.

What are my platforms of choice? Mac. PC. Either one. I own two of the former, three of the latter. No biggie.

Favorite animation? Old school WB and MGM Tex Avery. Lilo and Stitch and, possibly, Mulan are just about the only "recent" Disney titles I like. Seriously. I'm also partial to Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Kricfalusi's first 13 or so Nickelodeon Ren & Stimpys (Ren & Stempies? Ren & Stempii?) and Invader Zim. It goes without saying that I am fond of Pixar's stuff. With the possible exception of Finding Nemo.

Who has the greatest influence on me artistically? Chuck Jones, Don Martin and Edward Gorey.

Who has the greatest influence on me directorally? Chuck Jones and Terry Gilliam (what a combo, eh?).

Which fiction authors have the greatest influence? H.P Lovecraft, Robert Heinlein,Terry Pratchett, R.A.W., Douglas Adams and Harry Harrison.

Which non-fiction writers have the greatest influence? Dan Ablan, R.A.W. Clifford Pickover and Andy Ihnatko.

Lastly: Feel free to download my resume/CV in your choice of Word document or PDF goodness.

Lastly, lastly feel free to contact me:

David Parsons
Denison, Tx 75020









Harass me at dave@xyzpolygon-wrangler.com
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Speaking of spam: I hate spambots. A lot.